Exploring Feelings

After trying various different tools and methods to get 14-year-old Becky* to open up about her feelings, it was Chateez cards that finally got her talking. The first time she used the cards, she was so engaged that she was able to express her feelings with ease. She instantly knew what the cards were and was asked by her social worker when the last time she felt ‘HAPPY’ ‘WORRIED’ and ‘CHEEKY’ was.

A poignant moment came when she selected the ‘CUDDLY’ card and spoke about never being hugged by her foster carer and how this made her ‘SAD’. Her social worker later spoke to the foster carer about this, and she recognised that this was something that had been worrying her as she wasn’t quite sure how to approach hugging with Becky.

At the end of the session, Becky commented that she found the cards not only fun to use but also a great way to express herself. Following each session, the information gathered was shared with the foster carer, who was amazed to hear for the first time some of the things that the young person was feeling.

*Name has been changed

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