Food and Mood

Southampton Youth Forum used Chateez cards to tackle the topics of mental health, well-being and emotions. They particularly focused on the relationship between food and mood.

Members of the group were asked to spread the cards out across the floor, which resulted in lots of laughter and a great engagement with them. The more confident members of the group picked the cards up and talked about their experiences with food and how it made them feel ­ for example, eating chocolate can make you feel ‘HAPPY’ and ‘EXCITED’ because of the sugar rush (although this might not last for long!), and if you didn’t eat regularly, you might feel ‘ANGRY’ or ‘UPSET’. The more shy members of the group also started to engage and when, for example, they were asked how they might feel if they ate too much, they pointed to the ‘SLEEPY’ and ‘SAD’ cards.

The Chateez cards brought about some really healthy conversations. A great success!

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