Chateez Cards Keyring


A total of 25 cards depicting different emoji emotion designs (Happy, Confused, Smiley, Sad, Sick, Laughing, Cuddly, Scared, Angry, Relieved, Mad, Excited, Shocked, Cool, Upset, Embarrassed, Sleepy, Silenced, Hungry, Nervous, Hurt, Cheeky, Worried, Frustrated, and Bored).

  • 100% tear-proof, impressively waterproof and highly durable
  • Pocket size (85mm x 55mm)
  • Held together on a handy binder ring.

Pocket sized pack of our Chateez cards. These lovely little cards are great for little hands. They can be kept in bags and pockets and fanned out to express how a child is feeling.

Ideal for Children, Young people, Children with special educational needs.

[Emoji artwork supplied by Emoji One]