Expressing emotions

Are you a parent or professional struggling to talk to your child or young person about their feelings?

Do you need an effective way to engage them and get them to open up so you can help them when it really counts?
Let logo-smlsolve the problem!

Chateez cards are a modern take on traditional flashcards, featuring the popular emoji design. They encourage communication, allowing for children and young people to express their feelings in a fun and creative way.

The Chateez story

Sometimes it’s hard to open up about your feelings, particularly if you have a million thoughts running through your head. Chateez cards are there to spark conversations among children, young people and adults so that chatting becomes, well easy..!

Hear from Tasha, the founder and creator of Chateez about how they came to be!

Benefits of Chateez

Chateez cards are an attractive, thought provoking and versatile resource for children and young people of any age. There are endless ways in which they can be used, and this flexibility is why they deliver such effective results.


  • Allow young people to open up
  • Break down barriers
  • Create a comfortable setting
  • Defuse situations
  • Engage young people


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